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Eternity Warriors 3 Cheat Engine

Developer known for its free-to-play title, as a contract killer and Deer Hunter, has officially launched its popular Eternity Warriors 3 documents Google Play. For those of you who are not familiar with the game, it is an action RPG with dragons involved and a list of three heroes to play as.

The game is available on the iOS platform for some time and are showing a wide range of new features. One such feature is the multiplayer option. Now you can communicate with other players in real time, and also to check their prey. Another interesting extension is to explore the choice of the three kingdoms and navigate to three heroes - we usually see only one.
After inevitable boastful Description App Store Eternity Warriors 3, with "three epic hero," a "battle system second to none," some "Big Boss" and "tons of epic loot".

These statements are accompanied by images of a woman in her underwear, an enemy bestial appearance, and a big burly man in many cool armor.

Looks and sounds like an action RPG set in a fantasy for me, but I will not know until we play.
Fortunately, that's exactly what I do in the next week. I would also about what I think about the game to write here on this site - even at this time, in three days, and finally after seven days.

first impressions
(Woman is sexy elf mage not selected) Following the choice between the big guy hunky warrior or Mega virile Monk, you are immediately in what appears to be the meat and potatoes of the game thrown: brawl.

You have to move a virtual stick, and distribute a default button "attack" to death. There is also a special key to a combo that perform more time to cool down, and a button to "defend" that - when the pressure at the right time - you can meet incoming attacks.

Smashing through hordes of undead with ease, and spraying a little blood on the battlefield in the process, you can also find money, weapons, armor, and before I guest based taken on so well on stage, and if you are awarded.

You will then immerse in a city, and may include various items before the adventure put forward. One of the elements that are now sword attacks, and hope to find the armor protecting bowl to eat and pen writing later in the game.
It's a social element in these cities too, but I had to play problems with repeated network connections in all my time.
I enjoy Eternity Warriors 3 so far, however, and waits for the next week with him.