Clash of Clans

You have to balance defense and attack Clash of Clans succeed and to obtain sufficient resources to upgrade. There are a number of military conflict strategies clan, but you can use a little "strategy, know that the troops before the reconstruction and how to assemble an army attack. The following video reveals one of the best ways to innovate Clash of the Clans troops.You also need to know where the attack and attack the Clash of the Clans. you can not manage troops, once they are on the ground. This strategy Clash of Clans something you must do before you start placing soldiers.

Some of the soldiers as barbarians, to be held in the building closest. This leaves them open to attack mortar or other defense, which is only a few steps away. If this is the case, it is necessary to send the giants in the first or wall switch, make the journey to the base.

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Part of the Clans Clash strategy for beginners is to look where to attack. You may visually identify where to attack, and what needs to be done to it. Video below shows a higher level of city hall, but you can use this strategy to Clash of Clans started.You'll also note that it is not necessary to distribute all their armies at one time. In this way, continues to defend and play each unit to its strengths. This player does a good job of explaining why you are taking each step. Finally, you learn to find the place where the weapons do not get and you can learn how to start putting troops, to see if the weapons can hit.

Once you start, it is necessary to adjust the strategy and soldiers go on trophies, or resources. If you attack sources it is commonly called "farming" such as agriculture resources.You need to make sure that you are not only focused on defense or offense. You should update your base and training more soldiers in the attack. It takes a long time to update the bases and buildings, and if you have to train many soldiers can take up to 20 minutes. Make sure that you are constantly watching your base and units so as to not end up waiting and waiting just for play.There are no shortage Clash of clans tricks and comforts that claim to offer cheap or free gems, gold, and dark elixir elixirs. Many of the Clash of Clans hack show fake script on the page and ask the user to survey patients and share personal information with companies to source. Even when we entered the username fake Clash of Clans Hack said it was valid, which means it probably will not hack into the server Clash of Clans.

You may also lose Clash of clans account if you share your login information with anyone promise of free precious stones, and you can even get banned Clash of Clans, you try to get the gems out of the game.